The Book of Bibles

Gennemillustreret coffee table book om illuminerede bibler fra middelalderen

In the beginning was the word, and in the Middle Ages were kings, princes, and high-ranking religious members whose wealth and influence produced illustrated bibles of extraordinary craftsmanship.

This Bibliotheca Universalis edition brings together 50 of the finest medieval bible manuscripts from the Austrian National Library. With examples from every epoch of the Middle Ages, the collection explores visualizations of the bible in various theological and historical contexts. In impeccable reproduction quality, these stunning images may be appreciated as much as art historical treasures as they are important religious artifacts.

Discover 50 of the most exquisite and important medieval bible manuscripts, at once art historical treasures and precious religious artifacts. Published in partnership with the Austrian National Library, this stunning collection spans every epoch of the Middle Ages, revealing both the evolution of the Bible and the shifting history of the age.


Forfatter: Stephan Fussel
Sidetal: 464 sider
Indbinding: Indbundet
Forlag: Taschen
Varenummer: 978-3-8365-5913-3
Mål: 14 x 20 cm.