Bibeler på mange sprog
The Danish Bible Society distributes bibles in many different languages.

The Bible in other languages

The Danish Bible Society not only publishes the Bible and other biblical material in Danish, but makes bibles in several other languages available for purchase as well

Are you looking for a bible in your native tongue? You might find it in our bookstore, as we have bibles available in Arabic, English, French, Farsi and others. Please contact our bookstore if you are in need of a bible in your native language:

Bookstore of The Danish Bible Society
Tel.: +45 33 93 77 44

For a convenient online access to bibles in international languages, United Bible Societies's homepage lists a range of apps, free of charge.

Natten åbner sig som en port

Det Nye Testamente gendigtet som roman af Anne Lise Marstrand-Jørgensen

Forfatter: Anne Lise Marstrand-Jørgensen
Sidetal: 272
Indbinding: Indbundet
Forlag: Bibelselskabet
Varenummer: 978-87-7232-293-3
Mål: 13,4 x 21,5 cm.