The Danish Bible Society publishes the authorized version of the Bible in Danish in different formats and versions. Photo: The Danish Bible Society

The Danish Authorized Version

The Danish Bible Society publishes and maintains the official version of the Bible in Danish

The Danish Authorized Version of 1992 is not the work of a particular denomination, but a translation done by a diverse group of professional experts in the Danish, Greek, Hebrew and theology, on behalf of The Danish Bible Society. It is authorized by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II, former Head of The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark. The version is widely used and acknowledged for these two reasons.

The Danish Bible Society owns the copyright for the version and makes it publicly available online.

Why authorize translations?

Authorizations are done in order to create a single translation as a common ground for churches and Christians in Denmark. Every translation involves interpretation, and bible translation is no different. Every denomination interprets the Bible differently and could thus have their own translation, but this would easily make us forget that all Christians have the Bible in common. Therefore there is a certain point in having a common and authorized version that these denominations can use as a standard point of departure. 

Maria fra Magdala

En graphic novel om Jesus og hans tid
Maria fra Magdala

Forfatter: Kristian Leth
Illustrator: Peter Snejbjerg
Sidetal: 112 sider
Indbinding: Indbundet
Forlag: Bibelselskabet
Varenummer: 978-87-7232-271-1
Mål: 19 x 26 cm.