Tveje Merløse Church - Rolf Larsen
Tveje Merløse Church. Foto: Rolf Larsen, Pixabay

The Church of Denmark

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark is the official Christian church of Denmark and as such enjoys state support

Founded in 1536 as a result of the Reformation, 77% of the danish population are members of the protestant state church of Denmark. There are other church societies in Denmark, but The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark is the official church, granted special powers such as taxation through the danish constitution. 

Membership is not required in order to attend church service and receive communion, but large arrangements such as confirmations, weddings and funerals require membership. Membership can also be granted to foreigners. To do this, you will have to contact the pastor of your local parish church. You also have to be baptized. However, if you are already baptized, you will not need a second baptism.

The Lutheran Church collects funds for various charitable causes right after Sunday service. This service is usually held at 10 AM, but some churches also include a 5 PM service. During these services, songs from The Danish Hymnbook are sung in unison. Some of these hymns have been translated into English.

The Lutheran Church uses the Authorized Version of the Danish Bible which is distributed by The Danish Bible Society.

Drengen der ville tælle stjernerne

Og mange flere af de allerbedste historier fra Det Gamle Testamente
Drengen der ville tælle stjernerne

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