The Danish Bible Society is a membership line organization, with the General Secretary overseeing day-to-day operations

The Board of Representatives is the highest authority in The Danish Bible Society. Its task is to endorse the annual accounts of The Danish Bible Society, elect members for the Board of Directors, and determine the annual subscription fee for membership.

The Board of Directors is the highest responsible body of The Danish Bible Society's ongoing activities. Members are elected for a 4-year tenure. The tenure is unpaid. The president is always the Bishop of the Diocese of Copenhagen (currently Peter Skov-Jakobsen). The current chairman is Peder Ø. Andreasen.

The permanent line organization of The Danish Bible Society is constantly supplemented with projects that work across departments. Also included are specific services such as bible promotion in Denmark.

50 bibeltekster du skal kende

Bibelens højdepunkter udvalgt af Sørine Gotfredsen
50 bibeltekster

Forfatter: Sørine Gotfredsen
Sidetal: 256 sider
Indbinding: Indbundet
Forlag: Bibelselskabet
Varenummer: 978-87-7232-301-5
Mål: 13,8 x 21,5 cm.