Uddrag fra Myldrebibelen
A page in MyldreBiblen, a children's bible with illustrations.

Foreign rights

The Danish Bible Society publishes its material in Danish, but through publishing agreements, it is possible for others to translate and distribute our materials in their own language

Notable materials that have been requested so far include:

  • Menneskesønnen (the Gospels told in cartoons, through the eyes of Peter)
  • Historien om Job (the story of Job told as a cartoon; may also be used in teaching)
  • MyldreBibelen (a children's bible with colorful pictures)
  • Bibelen - udvalgte fortællinger (selected stories of the bible supplemented with pictures, aimed at children, adults and newcomers to the bible)
  • De Mindstes Bibel (a humorous bible designed for 3-6-year-olds with fanciful illustrations)
  • Bibelhistorier (selected stories of the bible)
  • Bogen (a bold recount of the Bible for adults by Denmark's famous writer, Bjarne Reuter)

Do you represent a publishing house, church community, organization or bible society and would like to publish some of our material in your own language? Contact our publishing department at forlag@bibelselskabet.dk

Maria fra Magdala

En graphic novel om Jesus og hans tid
Maria fra Magdala

Forfatter: Kristian Leth
Illustrator: Peter Snejbjerg
Sidetal: 112 sider
Indbinding: Indbundet
Forlag: Bibelselskabet
Varenummer: 978-87-7232-271-1
Mål: 19 x 26 cm.